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The personal notification platform for software developers who want to reclaim time in their day

Software productivity and alerting tool for work from home developers and data scientists Python CLI example

The easiest way to step away from your computer with confidence

A kitchen timer for your code
Enjoy that peace of mind knowing your code is hard at work while you take a coffee break
Zero configuration. Infinite flexibility.
Get started in under a minute, one account unlocks a world of time saving of possibilities
Eliminate Eye Strain
Nothing dries out eyes faster than test output scrolling across a terminal

Ranked top software developer productivity tool

Personalized Notifications Where You Want Them

We integrate with popular communications channels to make personalized notifications as simple as possible so you can focus on getting work done.

Slack alerting tool for big data analytics

Time-Saving Developer Platform Integrations

Streamline your existing workflow with our platform integrations for a seamless development experience!

Visual Studio Code
Apache Theia
Jupyter Notebook task monitoring alerting notification tool
Python task monitoring alerting notification tool
CLI bash task monitoring alerting notification tool
Jupyter Notebook
Command Line Interface



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